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April 2014
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Why does my jade change colors?
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Several people have asked me about why the color of their jade bangle bracelet changes. Natural jade does not change color. When you wear your jade piece. the color may become more bright and look better, because jade is meant to be worn and is very compatible with body qi (energy),  Natural jade  LOOKS better, but it doesn’t actually change color. Jade that changes color may not be jade. Or it may be jade that has been enhanced with colored resin.  The jade carvers know that Westerners like nicely colored jade, and what comes out of the ground is generally not colorful and has many dark inclusions. Jade prepared for commercial export is often bleached clear with acid, then filled with resin to give it color and stability.  They can be further enhanced after they are finished, to give it more color. If you pay less than $100 for a jadeite bangle with good color, then you are probably getting this very low grade jade, and you are lucky if it is even "C" grade.

So, that’s why your jade bangle may change color with body heat, hot water when you take a shower, sunlight, or the passage of time.

If you don’t want to pay the price for natural and good quality Burmese jadeite, consider the Chinese jade. It is China’s National Jade. The color is generally green and "watery" appearing, with inclusions (so you know it is natural), and if it looks like this, you can be fairly certain you are getting a natural jade piece.  Ying Yu Jade offers smooth and carved Chinese jade. Energetically, these are very compatible with body qi, and feel wonderful to wear. And they won’t change color, but will become more bright and beautiful as you wear it.

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